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We practice both intellectual property and business law because these two areas are very much intertwined. After all, your intellectual property is one of your most valuable business assets. For example, your inventions (i.e., patents) can give your business a monopoly for a limited time; your branding (i.e., trademarks) sets your business apart in the marketplace; your creative assets (i.e., copyrights) generate value for your business; and your proprietary information (e.g., trade secrets) gives your business an edge against competitors. In addition to intellectual property, we'll help you protect your business interests throughout each stage of business growth—whether that entails forming or dissolving business entities, drafting or negotiating contracts, resolving business disputes, or all of the above.



Protect your new and useful inventions, including methods, devices, plants, designs, and software.


Protect your branding, including business and product names, designs, slogans, and logos.


Protect your creative works, including songs, illustrations, photographs, literature, and more.

Trade Secrets.

Protect your proprietary information, including secret methods, formulas, and discoveries.



Start, run, and grow your business as smoothly and profitably as possible. Or, devise a smart exit strategy.


Know, protect, and enforce your rights when it comes to music, publishing, media, and the arts.


Resolve your intellectual property and business disputes efficiently, economically, and strategically.



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