At Res Nova Law, we're passionate about using our legal powers for good. That's why we do pro bono work, volunteer for worthwhile causes, sponsor events that empower our local communities, support independent creatives, and collaborate with other professionals to help small businesses succeed.

Supporting Makers, Thinkers, and Entrepreneurs:

We're a proud to be members of Portland Made's Preferred Advisor Network (PAN), a vetted collective of professionals who provide Portland-area makers all the tools they need to successfully grow their businesses.



organizations we love:

Below are a few of the organizations whose missions we believe in, and whom we support through pro bono work, volunteerism, or sponsorship.

DIY & Staying Local:

In the spirit of DIY and keeping things local, we did our own web design and asked our friends and clientswho happen to be Portland creatives and small business ownersto model for our website. Thank you to everyone who volunteered; we love having you as the faces of our law firm.

Our models:

Lynette Liniwag - UX designer

Mimi Ceramics - maker

Ruckus Composites - innovators

Jess Ackerman - artist

Dustin Tolman - cinematographer, director, & editor

Sabrina Elliott - artist & maker

Magnetic North - artist & maker space

Pobrecito - maker

Nucleus Portland - art gallery & bar

Darien Fiddmont - entrepreneur